Green Revolution

Green Wallet, Green Swap, NFT marketplace, cross-chain protocol and other products that are combined with one GAD token.

We are developing a new mobile ecosystem for green blockchain technologies and are looking for investors.

Start investing in the development of green technologies today!


Forming a new market

Forming a new market

We stand at the origins of the emerging market.
We are confident that our products will become its foundation and set new standards for future generations of products.

Bringing communities together

Bringing communities together

Our products should unite the disparate communities of green blockchains. We are sure that only together, green blockchains will be able to win the recognition of the world community.

Green blockchains

Green blockchains

The emergence of decentralized energy-saving blockchains has led to the formation of a new trend in the cryptocurrency market.
New trends open up many new opportunities

About us


We create the basis for the future market of green cryptocurrencies: wallets, exchanges, marketplaces, bridges, etc.

Our main task is to make these new technologies available to the whole world through our own product ecosystem, which will act as a bridge between the ordinary user, investor, corporation and green blockchains.

Join our community. Let’s make history together!



The start of work on the project and the minting of the GAD token

  • At this stage, the concept of future products and the economic model of the project are created.
  • Website launched, 1 billion GAD tokens minted on the Chia blockchain.
  • Development of UI / UX design of the mobile version of the wallet.
January 2022
February 2022

Launching advertising campaigns and protype release

  • Sale of GAD tokens (Round 1)
  • Development and release of a UI/UX prototype version of a mobile wallet supporting Chia and other tokens.
  • Launching an online advertising campaign.
  • Launching airdrop in Telegram.
  • Giveaway launch.
  • Launch of a PR campaign.

Start of mobile wallet development

  • Start of development of the MVP version of the mobile wallet for Android and iOS.
  • Sale of GAD tokens (Round 2)
  • UI/UX design development Green Swap.
April 2022
May 2022

Start of Green Swap development

  • Start of Green Swap development.
  • Closed b-testing of the mobile wallet.
  • Open b-testing of mobile wallet.
  • Fixing bugs and preparing for the release of the working version.
  • Development of UI/UX design for NFT marketplace.

Mobile wallet release and start of cross-chain protocol development

  • Release of the working version of the mobile wallet on Google Play and the App Store.
  • Launching an advertising campaign to attract mobile wallet users.
  • Launch of the development of the backend part of the NFT marketplace.
  • Start of cross-chain protocol development
June 2022
July 2022

Launch of Green Swap and integration of exchange functions into mobile wallet

  • Closed b-testing Green Swap.
  • Open b-testing Green Swap.
  • Launch of the MVP version of Green Swap.
  • Start of development of the front-end part of the NFT marketplace.
  • Integration of exchange functions into a mobile wallet.

Integration of the token issuance function in the mobile application & cross-chain protocol launch.

  • Cross-chain protocol launch.
  • Integration of the function of issuing tokens for the Chia blockchain into a mobile application.
  • Implementation of the daily airdrop function for tokens.
  • Green Swap Listing on Coinmarketcap
  • Start of development of the Green Starter project
September 2022
October 2022

Launch of NFT marketplace

  • Launch of an NFT marketplace with the function of issuing NFT cards. The GAD token will be used as a means of payment.

Launch of the Green Starter platform and listing

  • Launch of the Green Starter platform.
  • Launching our own platform of native advertising integrations.
  • Conducting an IEO
    and listing of the GAD token on the exchange.
December 2022

Attracting investors & etc.

  • Attracting investors and venture funds.
  • Listing on new exchanges.
  • Aggressive marketing campaign.
  • Development of the concept of own NFT game.



Total issue:

Maximum circulation supply:

Ticket: GAD

Blockchain: Chia blockchain

Asset ID Chia:

Description: This is the first commercial token issued on the basis of the Chia blockchain. We expect to be the first green token to pass IDO/IED.

After the development of the cross-chain protocol, the token will become available on other blockchains (Solana, Binance, etc.)

Application: payment of fees and services in a new ecosystem of products for green blockchains.

Become a part of our community!



We encourage you to join us and contribute to the future green ecosystem that will be the basis of the new market.


Investments attracted


Сommunity members


Distributed GAD tokens

meet our team


Yaroslav Zikun

Ukraine 🇺🇦

Dmitriy Levchenko

Ukraine 🇺🇦

Sussana Spartan

Australia 🇦🇺

Sauccy Guy

Australia 🇦🇺

Yaroslav Zikun


Sauccy Guy


Sussana Spartan


Egor Starodumov


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You Have Questions?

Are you really planning an IDO/IEO?

Yes, we do plan to do IDO/IEO. This is necessary to raise funds for the development of secure products for green blockchains.
We understand that we may encounter some difficulties when conducting such activities, since the GAD token is the first token on the green blockchain that will conduct IDO / ICO / IEO.

How to get your token for free?

You can participate in upcoming Airdrops on our social networks. We plan to give 100,000,000 GAD to our community members for free.

Where can I store my GAD tokens?

To store tokens, you can use Goby wallet web wallet or Chia light wallet.

To add a GAD token, use the asset ID:

How can I buy GAD tokens?

Currently, GAD tokens cannot be bought on decentralized and centralized exchanges.

We plan to hold a closed token sale in February-March 2022 to attract a small amount of investment.

The exact date will be announced later. To purchase tokens during the closed sale, write to

Are you planning to list on the stock exchange?

Yes, listing on the exchange is scheduled for the end of 2022.
At the moment, we have not exactly decided on which exchange our first listing will be made, but in many respects it will depend on how much investment we can attract and how our community will grow by then.


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Green App Global 10.03.2022

How to create a GAD token wallet?

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