Green Wallet — mobile wallet for Chia Network (XCH)

Green Wallet — mobile wallet for Chia Network (XCH)

Green Wallet — mobile wallet for Chia Network (XCH)

We are pleased to present for open testing the MVP version of our mobile non-custodial wallet for the Chia Network blockchain, which is the first product of the GWT ecosystem.

At the moment, the application is available for download on Google Play only for phones with the Android operating system, and the presented functionality fully copes with the tasks.

About Green Wallet

Green Wallet is an open source non-custodial wallet that allows transactions on the Chia and Chives networks with native XCH and XCC tokens, respectively, as well as CAT2 tokens.

The application differs from the solutions presented on the market by its stability, unique and user-friendly interface, as well as full compatibility with keys created in other applications and services.

To date, Green Wallet supports the import of keys created in:

    ◉ Official desktop chia wallet

    ◉ Mobile wallets Nucle, Ozone Wallet, Pawket Wallet

    ◉ Goby browser wallet

    ◉ and others.

In case of import from the official desktop application, due to the fact that Chia uses an HD wallet in its structure, in order to correctly display the balance, it will be necessary to increase the derivative index in the wallet settings to the maximum value or defragment your balance on the first 48 addresses.

I would also like to note that, unlike some custodial wallets, Green Wallet is a non-custodial solution and does not send private keys to the server for storage, which makes it safe and protects your crypto from sanctions, blocking, etc.

Prospects for Green Wallet

To date, our team has been focusing on developing additional features of their application, so we will soon be able to see NFT transactions available, dApp connectivity, built-in DEX, as well as functionality that allows you to make purchases of cryptocurrencies with a card in the application.

In addition, an active development of an application for the iOS operating system is currently underway.