How to create a GOBY extension-wallet for GWT token?

How to create a GOBY extension-wallet for GWT token?

How to create a wallet GOBY for using GWT tokens?

GOBY – is an open-source browser plugin wallet for the Chia Network

To install the wallet, go to the official site:  GOBY  or use link for Chrome Extension:  – GOBY

1. Click Install (right corner of the screen)

2. Confirm installation by clicking «Install extension»

Receive notification that the extension is successfully installed

3. We fix the extension for quick access

For more usability, open the extension by clicking the button shown on the screenshot (1) and pin it (2)

Open the extension (3) and run it by clicking «Get Started» (4)

5. Create a wallet password

Fill the required fields and click «Next»

6. Create a new wallet

Click on the button «Create New Address» button «1». Or load the «2» button prepared in advance by Mnemonic for the wallet.


6. Generate Mnemonic

Choose the number of words for Mnemonic «12» or «24». Save all the words in the same sequence in a safe place on your computer and click the «Next» button.


To confirm, click on each word from the previous step (saved Mnemonic words) to put it in the correct order and click «Next» 

Ready! Got the generated wallet address, copy it and click «OK»
ATTENTION! The full address is hidden, to expand it, you need to copy and paste it into any document or messenger.


7. 7. Add the GWT token

You need to add GWT token. For this click «Import Tokens»

Write GWT in search bar and tick the extension as it is shown on the screenshots and click «DONE»

Finally, TOKEN becomes available in your wallet