How to create a GAD token wallet?

How to create a GAD token wallet?

How to create a wallet for GAD tokens?

Before creating a wallet, you need to decide on the blockchain where you intend to store your GAD tokens.

At the moment, Chia and Chives blockchains are available to choose from.

In the future, we will implement the ability to transfer tokens from the Chia blockchain to the Chives blockchain and vice versa.

Additionally, in the future, a bridge will be implemented to transfer tokens from the Chia and Cihes blockchains to other blockchains, such as Polkadot, Solana, etc.

1. Installing a Chia/Chives Light Wallet

After you have decided on the choice of the blockchain in which you will store your GAD tokens, you need to download and install the lightweight version of the wallet on your computer, depending on your operating system:

Chia light wallet
Chives light wallet

2. Create a new wallet or import your mnemonic phrase

3. Save the mnemonic phrase

If you are creating a new wallet, be sure to save the mnemonic phrase in the prescribed manner and click NEXT:

4. Synchronize your wallet

Wait until the application is completely synchronized and create a wallet for GAD tokens. 

Click the “Add Token” button:

And select “Custom” to create a wallet:

5. Create a token wallet

Fill in the name of the token and the Asset ID of the GAD token, then click “ADD”:

Name: GAD

Token and Asset Issuance Limitations: 

Chia Asset ID: 7108b478ac51f79b6ebf8ce40fa695e6eb6bef654a657d2694f1183deb78cc02

6. Congratulations! You have created a wallet for GAD tokens

Use the resulting wallet to store, send and receive GAD tokens!